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Sociology is part of the Behavioral and Social Sciences division in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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What makes an OBU Sociology degree special?

Oklahoma Baptist University equips sociology students to understand the importance and influence of social structures and social interactions on individual and group behaviors as informed through scholarly work, experiential learning and a foundation of a biblical world view. Sociology students will gain the analytical and relational tools needed to assist them in understanding the complexity of our word that will lead them to engage with and address the issue facing an increasingly complex and diverse world.

What career opportunities are there for Sociology majors?

Sociology majors are equipped for a variety of entry level positions in the helping professions and ministry such as; social work, social justice advocacy, nonprofit agencies and government positions working with the marginalized members of society. For example, sociology majors are uniquely prepared for work with child, elderly, homeless and under resourced family service organizations and a host of ministry opportunities that respond to a number of social and individual deficits.

Students are well prepared for work in a variety of related fields including law, social work, criminology and criminal justice and advanced work in the various disciplines within sociology.

What courses can I take?

Sociology students will take a variety of courses which include but are not limited to; Introduction to Sociology, Social and Cultural Theory, Social and Cultural Research, Social Problems, Fertility Migration and Mortality, Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Privilege Power and Prestige, Crime and Justice, Race and Ethnicity, Human Rights in the World Community, Popular Culture and Social Institutions.

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Other Information

If you are considering Sociology for your course of study we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the degree in more detail and answer any questions that you might have. Come join us as we work to share the love on Christ to a fallen world through both the word and deed ministry here on Bison Hill!