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Dr. Antonio Chiareli

Professor of Sociology and Intercultural Studies

Office Location Owens Hall, 304
Phone (Office) 405.585.4223

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Dr. Chiareli immigrated to the United States from Brazil in 1984 and became a citizen in 1997. Upon coming to faith in Christ in 1996, Dr. Chiareli felt a calling to teach sociology in Christian higher education. He joined the OBU faculty in 2016, after serving as professor for ten years at Union University and seven at Covenant College. While at Union, he helped found and taught in the Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, Mill Valley, California, where he trained graduate students to carry out ethnographic research in culturally diverse settings, a role which took him and his students to many corners of the world. While at Covenant College, he chaired the intercultural competencies committee and also engaged in training students in ethnographic research. Dr. Chiareli has been active in consulting for universities, schools and corporations in the areas of design thinking, ethnography and cross-cultural strategies. He has also written and published on the integration of faith and learning and has authored a fiction novel, "The Dreamers of Allianz." He is a 2nd degree black-belt in Aikido (a Japanese system of self-defense) and has founded clubs at the universities where he has taught, including OBU.


  • B.A. (Sociology and French), Macalester College - St. Paul, MN
  • M.A. (Sociology), Northwestern University - Evanston, IL
  • Ph.D. (Sociology), Northwestern University - Evanston, IL
  • Dissertation: "The Forging of Political Resource Communities: The Landless Rural Workers' Movement and the Political Construction of Rural Cooperatives in Southern Brazil."

Subjects Taught

  • SOCI1223: Introduction to Sociology
  • ANTH1503: Cultural Anthropology
  • SOCI2103: Social Problems
  • SOCI2203: Social and Cultural Research
  • SOCI4403: Social and Cultural Theory

Professional Memberships

  • American Sociological Association - USA
  • Christian Sociological Association - USA
  • Christian Sociological Society - USA
  • Inter-American Foundation - USA
  • Centro Nacional de Pesquisa (CNPq) - Brazil
  • International Sociology Honor Society (Alpha Kappa Delta) - USA
  • Société d'Honneur Française (Phi Delta Pi) - France

Awards and Honors

  • OBU Hunt Fellowship Fund for Qualitative Field Research (Award Period: 08/19-Present).
  • Lilly Foundation Grant/Covenant College Kaleo Grant - Curriculum Development; Intercultural Research/May term abroad – (Awards Period: 10/08-5/14).
  • Union University Teaching and Learning Grant (Award Period: 1/07-5/07).
  • Pew Charitable Trusts Summer Research Grant (Award Period: 6/2002-8/2002).
  • Teagle Grant Award for Course Redesign, conferred by the Center for Faculty Development of Union University, Jackson, TN (2001-2002).
  • Inter-American Foundation Dissertation Writing Grant (Award Period: 9/99-5/2000) Recipient of the Union University Summer Research Grant (Award Period: 6/98-9/98; 6/99-9/99).
  • M. May Robertson Dissertation Writing Funds (1998-1999), by the Southern Baptist Foundation, Nashville, TN.
  • Inter-American Foundation Fellowship for Field Research at the Masters Level (Award Period: 6/94-6/95; Country: Brazil).
  • Inter-American Foundation Fellowship for Field Research at the Doctoral Level (Award Period: 9/95-12/96; Country: Brazil).

Selected Publications

  • Chiareli, Antonio A. “Christian Sociology Mediating a ‘Word-World’ Approach to Unveiling the Kingdom Social Reality,” in Baptists and the Kingdom of God, ed. João Chaves. Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, forthcoming in 2022.
  • Chiareli, Antonio A. and Matthew Vos: “Race and Ethnic Relations,” in Sociology: A Christian Approach for Changing the World, (3rd ed.), ed. Cynthia Tweedell. Marion, IN: Triangle Publishing, 2021.
  • Chiareli, Antonio A. “Applying the Christian ‘Sociological Re-Imagination’ Approach: A Frame Alignment Analysis of Illegal Immigration in the U.S.” Journal of Sociology and Christianity 9 (2): 29-54. (October 2019)
  • Chiareli, Antonio A. “Constructing a ‘Christian Sociological Re-Imagination:’ Creation, Fall, and Redemption as a Unifying Analytical Framework.” Journal of Sociology and Christianity 9 (1): 27-47. (Spring 2019)
  • Chiareli, Antonio A. The Dreamers of Allianz: A Sociological Novel. Longwood, FL: Xulon Press, 2007.

Selected Presentations

  • Christian Sociological Association June 2019
    Annual Conference – Eastern University, St. Davids, PA
    Keynote Address Title: “Sanctuary as Holy Deviance: Church Resistance and the Moral Economy of the Immigrant: Exploratory Research Insights from Three Brazilian Congregations in the Bay Area.” (Presenter)
  • American Sociological Association August 2017
    Annual Conference – Chicago, IL
    Conference Theme: “Culture, Inequalities, and Social Inclusion Across the Globe.”
    Presentation Title: “When Social Inclusion is Exclusive: Mainstream Sociology and the Marginalization of the Christian Sociological Approach.” (Presenter)
  • Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos (UNISINOS) September 2014
    São Leopoldo, Brazil
    Inauguration of the Faculty of Humanities
    Presentation Title: “A Arte dos Dados: Uma Avaliação dos Métodos Quantitativos e Qualitativos na Pesquisa Científica.” (Presenter)
  • Association of Christians Teaching Sociology June 2012
    Annual Conference – Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, GA
    Keynote Address Title: “The Challenge of Christian Community & the Promise of Christian Communion.” (Presenter)
  • Southern Sociological Society April 2012
    Annual Conference – New Orleans, LA
    Presentation Title: “Teaming Up in Ethnographic Research: Lessons from a REAP-Based Group Fieldwork in Montmartre, Paris.” (Presenter)

Selected Lectures

  • Chiareli, Antonio A. Title: “Poverty and the Root of Social Inequality.” (Oklahoma Baptist University, OK – Preview Weekend Special Lecture, February 1, 2020; November 6, 2020).
  • Chiareli, Antonio A. Title: “Applied Sociocultural Research as a Marketable Skill.” (Oklahoma Baptist University, OK – Preview Weekend Special Lecture, October 9, 2020)
  • Chiareli, Antonio A. Panel Contribution: “Artificial Intelligence: A Sociological Perspective.” (Oklahoma Baptist University, OK – Philosophy Forum, February 23, 2018).
  • Chiareli, Antonio A. Title: “Métodos de Pesquisa Etnográfica (P.A.E.A.*) em Equipe.” (*Procedimentos de Avaliação Etnográfica Acelerada). (UFRGS, Porto Alegre – Brazil – 29 de outubro de 2015).
  • Chiareli, Antonio A. Title: “Lições Práticas de uma Experiência de Pesquisa ‘P.A.E.A.’ em Montmartre, Paris.” (UFRGS, Porto Alegre – Brazil – 22 de outubro de 2015).