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Earn Your Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

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Program Options Degree Plan
Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Chemistry PDF
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry: Forensics Emphasis PDF
Minor in Chemistry PDF

What are OBU grads doing with their Chemistry degrees?

We have students at OU Medical School, working at the Department of Environmental Quality, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) as criminalists, students working at several different companies as analytical chemists. We have had graduates go to dental school, graduate schools in a variety of fields, and employment with the federal government.

What courses can I take?

Forensic chemistry, advanced laboratory (where you synthesize and study new compounds), biochemistry and biochemical methods (where you learn to gene splice and make glow in the dark bacteria), physical chemistry (where you make nanoparticles), and analytical chemistry (where you can check the lead levels in your yard).


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Other Information

We encourage our students to participate in summer research programs around the country. We take our students to local and regional conferences. We host an Oklahoma ACS section meeting once/year.

This program is offered through the James E. Hurley School of Science and Mathematics.

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