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OBU All-State Chorus Workshop

OBU provides an annual choral workshop for students planning to audition for the All-State Junior High Mixed Chorus or All-State High School Mixed Chorus (OMEA sponsored). Sessions are led by OBU faculty members and are designed to help students learn the selected music and prepare for auditions held in the fall.

2022 Workshop

The 2022 All-State Chorus Workshop will be July 14-16, 2022. Registration is open through July 1.



Teachers: staying in the dorm with your students is free of charge. If you want a private room, the fee is $40.

More Information


Dr. Louima Lilite
Phone: 714.253.2856

OBU Music Department
500 W University St, Box 61276
Shawnee, OK 74804

Phone: 405.585.4301
Fax: 405.585.4305