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Faculty Books

If you would like to purchase books written by our Hobbs College faculty, click a book below to view on Amazon.

Tawa J. Anderson

An Introduction to Christian Worldview

Matthew B. Arbo

Walking Thru-Infertility    Political Vanity

Alan S. Bandy

A Greek Readers Apostolic Fathers    The Prophetic Lawsuit in the book of Revelation    Understanding Prophecy

Bruce R. Carlton

Strategy Coordinator    Amazing Grace

Matthew Y. Emerson

The Story of Scripture    Between the Cross Throne and the Throne

Christ and the New Creation

Heath A. Thomas

Habakkuk    The Book Habakkuk Faith Amid the Ruins    Poetry and Theology in the Book of Lamentations 

  Christ Centered Exposition    Holy War in The Bible    Great is Thy Faithfulness?   

 A Manifesto for Theological Interpretation    The Gospel of our King    'Until He Looks Down and Sees'