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OBU Reduces Summer Tuition Rates by More Than 50%

February 13, 2024

The cost of undergraduate classes for OBU’s 2024 summer term will decrease to less than half the regular tuition rate.

A broad range of undergraduate summer courses will be offered at a rate of $350 per credit hour to assist students in affordably earning credits they need between the spring and fall semesters. Most courses will be offered online.

OBU’s new reduced summer tuition rates are where accessibility and affordability meet.

“By lowering the summer tuition rate, we believe we are giving more students access to the high-quality education we offer at OBU,” Dr. Larinee Dennis, OBU Co-Provost and Dean of Business, Health, Science, and Education, said. “We have committed to offer more online courses to try and meet the various needs of both current and incoming students.”

This also eliminates the hassle of applying to another college and transferring credits back to OBU.

Core and supportive core classes will be emphasized, but academic divisions also will offer strategic courses that are needed for their students. A full list of summer 2024 courses will be published before registration opens in April.

“One of the biggest advantages of taking summer courses through OBU is the faith-integration for which the school has always been known,” said Dr. Micah Meek, Associate Dean for Online, Nontraditional, and Graduate Education. “Students often take summer courses through community colleges, and while these are still great classes, they are not taught from a Christian worldview. A large number of our students come to OBU for faith integration, and now they don't have to compromise on that distinction during the summer.”

These courses can be used to retake classes (also known as credit recovery) and to meet prerequisites for programs. They are also an opportunity to get ahead, allowing a student to possibly take fewer credit hours during the fall or spring semesters or to graduate early.

Summer Course Options