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OBU Offers New Biblical and Theological Studies track to Master of Arts Degree

June 21, 2023

Beginning this fall, OBU will offer a new biblical and theological studies track in its Master of Arts in Christian Studies program.

The biblical and theological studies track is designed to help students deepen their understanding of scripture and doctrine. The new track will be offered both in-person and online. Students who desire in-person learning can attend classes on campus, which are offered during the day.

However, the online option will maintain the flexibility of the current Master of Arts program.  

The new track equips students to study the Bible and to understand Christian theology in order to prepare them for ministry effectiveness and personal spiritual growth. Both undergraduate and graduate students can benefit from this new concentration. 

“The MA in Biblical and Theological Studies offers students the opportunity to delve deeply into God’s Word,” said Dr. Matthew Emerson, Dean of Theology, Arts, and Humanities. “Students will be equipped with the tools of biblical exegesis, Christ-centered interpretation, and historical and systematic theology so that they can rightly divide the Word of Truth and proclaim to any audience.”

Through an integrated program, OBU’s current undergraduate students can begin working on their master’s degree in-person while continuing to work on a bachelor’s degree. A student from any major can apply for the integrated program. A student just needs space in their undergraduate degree plan for the graduate courses to count.

Fall classes begin in August and enrollment is open, so students are encouraged to apply today. For more information, visit their website, email or call 405-585-4601.