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OBU holds Special Summer Commissioning Chapel

May 3, 2023

OBU recently recognized the many students, faculty and staff who will be serving this summer on Global Outreach (GO) trips, through church or ministry internships, or at Christian summer camps and conferences.

The commissioning chapel service took place Wed. May 3, on the University campus. Those attending were able to worship together and share a designated time of prayer for those individuals who will represent the University all around the world.

Sixty-six team members from OBU will travel to locations in eight nations on GO trips, including Argentina, Amsterdam, Ethiopia, North Africa, England, Nigeria, Poland and Zambia. At least 15 students are serving in ministry and outreach programs in the United States during the summer months.

Engagement in these countries will include all types of service that may range from distributing food and daily necessities to widows, orphans, refugees and children, to conducting vacation bible schools, outreach to youth and college students, and engaging with citizens within their native culture.

Within the United States, OBU students may be serving in leadership or as counselors at various children and youth camps, conferences or through church activities.

The commissioning chapel was led by six students and OBU resident director Dayla Rowland where Rowland presented an oral presentation of Creation to Christ. The material in the presentation provides an in-depth study of the Bible. Using an oral Bible study method, the content is designed to bridge cultural and literacy barriers while providing a solid theological education.

Students who participate on a GO trip through OBU are trained in the fundamental principles of Creation to Christ. It provides further equipping and preparation in the student’s international ministry experiences.

The chapel service concluded with a word of encouragement and prayer of commissioning from OBU President Dr. Heath Thomas.