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OBU students claim five ADDY awards amongst a record-setting number of entries

February 24, 2023

Three current/former Oklahoma Baptist University’s Art and Design Division students claimed prestigious honors during the Addy Awards given by the American Advertising Federation.

OBU, which enters work through the Oklahoma City Ad Club, competes with many other state and private universities in the region. Also noteworthy is that this year, the contest received a record-setting 1,192 entries and from those masses, OBU brought an impressive five awards back to Bison Hill:

“Addy Awards are a good affirmation of our students' efforts,” said Corey Fuller, OBU Chair of Art and Design. “It's also a nice accolade for our program, and I'm grateful to all our full-time faculty and adjuncts who invest in our students on a daily basis. I'd also like to commend the work of Professor Joshua Brunet for the impact he's made on these students in particular. Josh has really raised the profile of illustration at OBU. Our students benefit greatly from his years of professional experience.”

When Fuller speaks of the “profile of illustration at OBU” being high, it’s far from an empty statement.  OBU is currently the highest rated program in the state for Illustration according to Animation Career Review. 

The wins at the Addy Awards are great examples of the standard found in Future Shapers on Bison Hill.