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Anderson to Lead Philosophy Forum Nov. 12 on “Why We Should Want Christianity to Be True”

November 4, 2021

Dr. Tawa Anderson, associate professor of philosophy, will deliver the lecture for the fourth Philosophy Forum of the fall semester Nov. 12. The event will take place at 4 p.m. in the Tulsa Royalties Auditorium in the Bailey Business Center. Anderson’s lecture will be titled, “Why We Should Want Christianity to Be True.” The forum was originally scheduled for Nov. 5 but was moved to Nov. 12 due to activities related to the University’s fall Board of Trustees meetings Nov. 4-5.

Not only is Anderson leading this forum, but he also organizes the Philosophy Forum series each semester. Philosophy Forums are designed to bring issues of broad philosophical importance to the sphere of public conversation on campus.

Anderson is excited about the upcoming lecture and the important ramifications the theme has upon us as individuals and upon our world.

“As a fan of Socrates, Aristotle and Jesus, I want to pursue and embrace truth,” Anderson said. “Fundamentally, I think that people should embrace the Christian faith because it is true - that is, the claims of Christianity line up with the way things really are. But today it is quite common to question whether Christianity is good ... that is, whether or not it is true, some question whether we should want Christianity to be true.

“In this Forum lecture, I endeavor to show the beauty and goodness of the Christian faith. I will not be arguing that Christianity is true; rather, I hope to persuade listeners that they should want Christianity to be true. The implications and rewards of Christianity are of such majesty and value that, regardless of what we actually believe about the truth of the faith, we should all want it to be true. My hope is that being awakened to the winsomeness of faith in Christ will prompt hearers to consider and examine the truth-claims of Christianity.”

The final forum of the semester, featuring Dr. Randy Ridenour and originally slated for Dec. 3, has been postponed to the spring semester due to a scheduling conflict with another campus event.

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