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Students Share Impact of Global Outreach Trips During Online GO Week Chapel Sept. 18

September 18, 2020

OBU students shared about their experiences attending Global Outreach trips during a special GO Week online chapel Sept. 18. The students discussed how the Lord molded them as they answered the call to go. GO Week is an annual week dedicated to mobilizing students to serve in global missions efforts.

Brittany Freeman, nursing major and co-chair for Global Outreach, shared about the theme and scripture for GO Week, reading from Numbers 9:15-23. The theme for the week was, “At the command of the Lord we will go.” Global Outreach co-chair Tyler Smothers then elaborated on the scripture. He noted that obedience is important, regardless of the circumstances in our lives.

Brooke Mitchell, senior camp administration major, shared about her experience traveling to North Africa in January. She explained that she responded to God’s call to go, even though her family circumstances shifted significantly right before the trip.

“There’s always going to be difficult times, and there’s always going to be situations that are hard, but if the Lord has called us to it, He is going to equip us to be able to finish it,” she said.

Next, Samuel Anquoe, junior psychology pre-counseling major, discussed his trip to Greece, where he worked on a small island and witnessed the refugee crisis happening in other countries. He also talked about how rewarding the trip was and the satisfaction he felt from helping feed the hungry and from meeting people from all walks of life. He shared how he was moved by the refugees’ hospitality to them, even though the refugees had very little to share.

Grady Liston, a global marketplace engagement major, then talked about how his first GO Trip to Africa as a freshman inspired him to continue going each year since.

Freeman closed by sharing lessons she learned last summer after her GO trip was cancelled due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. She talked about how God molded her in that time and changed her heart during her season of waiting.

“While we are waiting, there is so much that we can be doing,” she said. “We can be praying, and we can be seeking the Lord with all of our hearts as He grows us and refines us and challenges us in our faith and in our walk. When the Lord calls us to go, we want to be ready, we want to be able to say ‘yes’ and ‘amen’ and go joyfully and confidently, knowing that His presence is leading the way.”

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