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OBU Professor Bandy to Join New Orleans Seminary

April 24, 2020

Dr. Alan Bandy, Rowena R. Strickland associate professor of New Testament, has accepted a position at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS) as professor of New Testament and Greek, occupying the Robert Hamlin Chair of New Testament Exposition.

He will be teaching master’s and Ph.D. level courses on Greek and various New Testament writings and topics.

“I have loved my decade plus of teaching at OBU,” Bandy said. OBU not only transforms students’ lives, but it has also transformed my life. I have learned from my students and colleagues in ways I never expected when I started. I’ve said for years that OBU has the best students in the country and I still believe that.

“My students’ intelligence, passion, and sense of humor have astounded me time and again,” he said. “They have encouraged and inspired me in ways they don’t even know. In fact, when I was first approached about going to NOBTS, I was very reticent to even consider leaving because I love my students so much. I want to thank all of them for coming to OBU, asking questions, sharing their stories, challenging presuppositions, traveling with me around the world, and for their willingness to live for Christ in an increasingly complex world.”

Dr. Matthew Emerson, dean of the Hobbs College of Theology and Ministry and Floyd K. Clark Chair of Christian Leadership, is sad to see Bandy go, but excited for what he will do in New Orleans.

“Dr. Bandy has served OBU for over 10 years as an exemplary colleague, an extraordinary classroom teacher, an accomplished scholar, and perhaps most important of all, a model mentor for our students. He will be sorely missed in the Hobbs College and on Bison Hill, but we know that the Lord will use him greatly for Christ’s Kingdom in New Orleans.

“Because of our partnership with New Orleans, students could attend seminary and continue to learn from Dr. Bandy through our BA to MDiv agreement with the seminary. If students want to continue to study with Dr. Bandy or take classes with him for the first time, they still can.”

OBU has similar agreements with several SBC and other evangelical seminaries. Through OBU’s Hobbs College, the University partners with select seminaries to provide advanced tracks from OBU bachelor’s degrees to a Master of Divinity. Students can earn up to 25 percent of their MDiv through their bachelor’s degrees at OBU, which equals up to 27 hours or one year of MDiv work.

Students who complete a BA in biblical and theological studies, BA in Christian ministry, BA in cross-cultural ministry, or a BA in global marketplace engagement from OBU will have advanced standing for MDiv degrees from the six Southern Baptist seminaries, as well as other leading seminaries in the U.S. BA degrees in philosophy or philosophy/apologetics include classes that can be counted toward an MDiv as well through this partnership.

Bandy also pointed out OBU’s partnership with NOBTS.

“It's strange how God has opened the door for me at NOBTS and clearly guided me to go there at a time when I couldn’t be more excited about the future of OBU,” he said. “Yet, I am equally excited by the new leadership at NOBTS and the opportunity to go there at a time I believe is perfect. What makes it even better are new the B.A. to MDiv partnerships that Dr. Thomas pioneered between OBU and several seminaries. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to expedite their education and save money as they advance from a bachelor’s to a master’s degree. Students who take this track at Hobbs will not need to repeat several classes from OBU at the seminary level. I hope all Hobbs College majors will take advantage of this and seriously consider coming to NOBTS to complete their education.”

OBU’s President Dr. Heath A. Thomas feels that Dr. Bandy’s move to NOBTS is bittersweet.

“On the one hand, we celebrate with Dr. Bandy and his family for this moment and affirm New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary's great gain,” he said. “On the other hand, we will sincerely miss Dr. Bandy's deep and abiding contribution to Bison Hill. I have known Dr. Bandy now for over a decade, worked closely with him and walked with him through this process. He is a scholar, a friend and a continued colleague in our effort to transform lives by equipping students. The silver lining for OBU students is the opportunity to continue to work with Dr. Bandy after graduating OBU through our OBU-NOBTS BA to MDiv partnership facilitated through the Hobbs College. We wish Dr. Bandy and his family God's richest blessings as they take this step into their future.”

Prior to coming to OBU, Bandy served as the assistant director of the Ph.D. program at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and an assistant professor of Christian studies at Louisiana College.

He earned a B.A. in ministry from Clear Creek Baptist College. He then went on to earn his M.Div. with an emphasis in biblical studies from Mid-America Seminary in Memphis, Tennessee. Bandy earned his Ph.D. in biblical studies from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Find out more about OBU's BA to MDiv partnerships.