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OBU MBA Students Publish Research on Software for Electronic Manufacturers

July 12, 2019

Faculty members and MBA students at OBU’s Paul Dickinson College of Business recently published a research study on the disruptive change in today’s innovation. The research, “Disruptive Change in Today’s Innovation: A Case Study Analysis of OptimalPlus,” was headed by Dr. Daryl Green, assistant professor of business. The students studied OptimalPlus, a global leader in analytics solutions for the automotive, semiconductor and electronics industries. The study was recently published in the Management and Economics Research Journal.

The research was a collaborative effort between faculty and graduate students. MBA students Christina Roach, Taylor Mathson and Rachel Stafford conducted research with assistance from Green as well as Dr. Renita Murimi, former associate professor of computer science.

Green learned about OptimalPlus last year in a Forbes article, “15 Technology Companies to Watch in 2018,” by Dan Reich. In recent years, OptimalPlus has emerged as an industry leader in providing the software solutions necessary for electronics manufacturers. This software enables manufacturers to get the most out of their supply chain process. The study primarily explores the concept of Industry 4.0 and the benefits that manufacturers can gain from utilizing technologies.

“Our literature research about OptimalPlus showed that investors and financial publications, like Forbes and Bloomberg, had already paid attention to this company,” Green said. “OptimalPlus is a global leader in manufacturing intelligence software solutions. This business is a big data company that reduces hardware defects and malfunctions occurring in electronics and semiconductors. They are an industry leader in business analytics software that ensures accuracy and efficiency related to automotive products, electronic devices and semiconductors.”

“I wanted my students to analyze untapped research,” he said. “Students were going to develop case studies for emerging technology companies. I knew there would not be much information to gather; therefore, the case studies would have real value to other graduate students, academics and other industry leaders.

“Disruptive change is becoming a serious problem for traditional institutions. A few organizations can navigate around disruptive market forces, yet OptimalPlus uses technological advancements for key data analytics on the backdrop of disruptive change.”

Green was intrigued by how OptimalPlus keeps up with today’s trends.

“In today’s hypercompetitive world, electronics manufacturing companies experience challenges to respond to increasing consumer electronics demand while combatting disruptive change in their industries,” he said. “This case study examines OptimalPlus, demonstrating how its services, while tapping into today’s technologies, keep pace with competitors during disruptive change in the consumer electronics industry.”

OBU’s MBA program challenges students to think critically and to practically apply the concepts they learn. Students review and analyze existing business case studies, as well as develop original case studies, evaluating emerging companies. The OBU MBA equips graduates with the skills necessary for leadership positions in contemporary professional careers, and OBU’s business degree programs are nationally accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.