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Kubicek, Renowned Leadership Authority, Inspires OBU Staff and Faculty July 23

July 26, 2019

OBU alumnus Jeremie Kubicek led a leadership training session for a group of OBU faculty and staff Tuesday, July 23, on the University’s Shawnee campus. The event was meant to teach and inspire faculty and staff to grow their leadership abilities and impact their workplace positively for the upcoming academic year and beyond. Kubicek taught principles from his most recent book, “The 100 X Leader: How to Become Someone Worth Following,” co-authored with Steve Cockram.

Kubicek graduated from OBU in 1993 with a BBA in international business. He is chairman and co-founder of GiANT Worldwide and CEO of GiANT TV, with the GiANT brand dedicated to leadership transformation through intentional apprenticeship. He is an international speaker, author and consultant to top-level executives and leaders around the world. He is a subject matter expert on organizational leadership, emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication.

He is also the bestselling author of “Making Your Leadership Come Alive: 7 Actions to Increase Your Influence.” In 2015, he co-wrote, along with Steve Cockram, the hit books, “5 Gears: How to Be Present and Productive When There is Never Enough Time,” and, “5 Voices: How to Communicate Effectively with Everyone You Lead.” He is creator and former CEO for the Leadercast global simulcast, former CEO of Catalyst conferences, and former CEO over the John Maxwell training companies. He speaks regularly in organizations of all sizes in the U.S. and throughout Europe.

Kubicek’s LinkedIn bio offers a glimpse into his leadership philosophy.

“I believe that the secret of leadership is knowing yourself and your tendencies, enabling you to lead yourself first,” he said. “Once you become competent in leading yourself, the secret to leading others lies in understanding when to alternately support and challenge them with consistency. When people see you leading yourself and know you are for them, then they are more apt to follow you, because they perceive you as a leader worth following.”