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OBU Teacher Education Students Host STEM Event for Area Fourth-Graders

May 2, 2019

Education majors in OBU’s teacher education math and science methods courses recently hosted a STEM Day of Learning titled “Avengers: Becoming Junior Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Fourth-grade students from Will Rogers Elementary in Shawnee attended the event held Tuesday, April 30, in the Geiger Center on OBU’s campus in Shawnee.

Students in the courses treated 70 fourth-graders to an interactive, hands-on day of science and math learning. The goal was to provide an experience for the fourth-graders that promotes a love and interest for learning mathematics and science, and to teach them how both subjects may be used in future careers. The event is also an important opportunity for teacher education majors to plan engaging math and science curriculum, and to practice their pedagogy.

The students were challenged by the Avengers to become junior agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., an organization which works with the Avengers to protect the Earth from threats throughout the galaxy. They learned that many scientists and mathematicians work behind the scenes with the Avengers to aid the super heroes in their missions.

To become agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the students spent the day in training with special scientists and mathematicians. The students learned about Thor and static electricity; Black Panther and bio mimicry; Iron Man and rockets; Spider-Man and catapults and energy; and Captain Marvel and mathematical challenges.

The OBU teacher education students in the science methods course who created the curriculum include Zion Cagle, Arielle Chastian, Katherine Cole, Demi Dobbs, Emma Kidd, Abby Rogers, Jillian Smith and Kurt Smith.

Members of the math methods course who assisted in the day’s activities include Bethany Barham, Cheyenne Bradshaw, Zion Cagle, Arielle Chastain, Hanna Joines, Emily Justice, Alicia Mathis, Vanessa Parra, Emilie Rohr, Hannah Simmons, Jillian Smith and Abigail Welch.

The creative day of learning was directed by Dr. Jeanne Akin, Mary A. White Professor of Education, and Liz Justice, assistant professor of special education.