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Seven Who Care Honored by SGA During Hyde Park Chapel

April 3, 2019

OBU students honored seven faculty and staff members Wednesday, April 3, for their contributions to the campus community. The honorees received the Seven Who Care Award during the university’s annual Hyde Park Day chapel service in Raley Chapel’s Potter Auditorium. Current members of OBU’s Student Government Association presented the awards.

The Seven Who Care Award is given by SGA to honor the hard work and dedication that the university’s faculty and staff exhibit every day. The recipients are selected based upon nominations by students, faculty and staff.

The 2019 Seven Who Care recipients include Joshua Brunet, assistant professor of art; Rebecca Coon, assistant professor of nursing; Cynthia Gates, director of events, conferences and camps; Dr. David Houghton, dean of the Paul Dickinson College of Business and professor of business; Dr. Nathan Malmberg, associate professor of chemistry; Clay Phillips, director of student ministry; and Dr. Sherri Raney, professor of history and political science.

Hyde Park Day was instituted at the university in 1958 after Dr. John W. Raley, then OBU president, visited Hyde Park in London, England. At “Speakers' Corner” in Hyde Park, anyone may set up a soap box and lecture all those in earshot on any topic. Spectators then are allowed to question the speaker. When the event began at OBU, based on the idea of free oratory, SGA candidates would gather in the quadrangle on campus, set up “political booths” and vie for students’ votes.