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Moore Challenges Students to “Find Your Story”

February 20, 2019

Dr. Walker Moore, internationally recognized speaker, author and missionary, delivered the OBU chapel address Wednesday, Feb. 20, to students, faculty and staff gathered in Raley Chapel’s Potter Auditorium. His message was about “finding your story.” He spoke over Mark 5:18-19 and began his sermon with a story about how he became a preacher.

Despite struggling with speech disabilities his entire life, at a young age the Lord called Moore to become a preacher. He talked about how through hard work and through the Lord’s provision, he was able to overcome his speech disabilities and become a preacher. He emphasized the importance of obedience when God commands us to do something and then presents us with the opportunity to serve.

Moore challenged the students to focus on finding their story and he told the audience how he found his. He shared several stories about his time in Hungary and how the Lord used him in that place to make a difference in several people’s lives. He expressed how the Lord knew where he needed to be and placed him there in just the right time.

“The best time to get your story is while you’re here at OBU,” he said. “Now is the season for you as young people, you can go anywhere, any place in the world.

“This is an incredible time now to capture your story, so you can come home and go tell them what great thing God has done.”

Moore has authored several books, including, “Chicken Lips, Snake Legs, and Jesus;” “Inside Out and Backwards;” “Escape the Lie;” and “Rite of Passage Parenting.” For more than 45 years, he has challenged students to follow the will and the Word of God as they embrace the lifestyle of a missionary. He has taken students all over the world doing the ministry of Jesus through Awe Star Ministries, which he founded, and his popular “Rite of Passage Parenting” column has appeared weekly in The Baptist Messenger for 20 years.