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SGU Students Invited to OBU Mini-Enrollment Session Nov. 14 on SGU Campus

November 14, 2017

Students at St. Gregory’s University are invited to an OBU transfer and enrollment session Tuesday, Nov. 14, from 2 to 5 p.m. The session will be held in the Shawnee Room in the SGU Student Center. Approximately 20 OBU employees will be on hand to discuss academic program plans of study, financial aid and enroll students on site. Representatives will assist both undergraduate and graduate students through the transfer process.

SGU students interested in transferring should submit their FAFSA and transcripts to OBU.

Per a teach-out agreement with OBU and SGU, students who are set to graduate in May, summer or December 2018 per their SGU degree audits, will have residency requirements waived for graduation from OBU. Based on their degree audit, the remaining courses will be matched with OBU courses to complete their degree on time. OBU will accept all credits from SGU and financial aid is available. OBU also welcomes tribal scholarships if offered.

For graduate students, a student should be over half way finished with the degree program to be considered for the teach-out. Those with less than half of their hours completed will quality for transfer. For more information, contact

OBU will hold a similar session and will be on site at St. Gregory’s Thursday, Nov. 16, and will hold future sessions as needed.

Contact your financial aid counselor.