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Education Majors Take Fifth Graders on Tour Through Ancient Greece

November 2, 2017

Teacher education students at Oklahoma Baptist University hosted an interactive social studies museum for local fifth graders Wednesday, Nov. 1, on the OBU campus in Shawnee. This semester’s museum was titled, “Ancient Greece: An Introduction.” The fifth-grade class of Grove Elementary School attended the interactive museum.

This was the 37th interactive children’s museum held at OBU. During the event, students learn through activities and lessons created by teacher education majors. The event was created by elementary education majors in the social studies methods course for elementary education. The course is taught by Dr. Jeanne Akin, Mary A. White Professor of Education, who challenges her students to create interactive and engaging displays by only using materials available to the average educator.

Akin appreciates the impact this project has on both future educators and their students.

“This social studies project helps our education majors learn how to be engaging and interactive with their students,” she said. “It teaches them to help these students learn how to engage a diverse world and have a better understanding of our past so we will have a better future. “

The students involved in creating this edition of the museum were Selena Pascual, Kortlyn Wilkey, Haylee Horton, Madison Newton, Sarah Tener, Morgan Dromgoole, Madi Miller, Megan Conner, Autumn Parker and Ashlee Spencer.