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New Students Join the OBU Family at "The Walk"

August 24, 2017

New students took “The Walk” Wednesday night, Aug. 23, on the campus of Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee. It is held on the final night of Welcome Week each year and mirrors the walk that will be taken on graduation day. This year, OBU welcomed 630 new students, including 555 freshmen and 75 transfer students.

New students line up on the Oval for “The Walk.” As students approach the front of Raley Chapel and near the end of “The Walk,” Welcome Week Workers, faculty, staff, alumni, friends, family and community members wait in reverent silence. New students then mass on the south steps of Raley Chapel. After a silent beginning, the crowd erupts into cheers for the new Bison and ultimately joins them in the school chant, “Ka-rip.”