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Teacher Education Majors Give 5th Graders a Look “Through the Eyes of Olympians”

April 20, 2017

OBU teacher education students hosted an interactive social studies children’s museum April 19 on the OBU campus in Shawnee. This semester’s edition was titled “Through the Eyes of Olympians: Stories of Hope, Unity, Perseverance, and Love of the Game. A Study of History, Culture, and Virtue.” Fifth grade students from Will Rogers Elementary School in Shawnee attended the event.

This was the 36th interactive children’s museum held at OBU. At the event, students learn through activities created by teacher education majors. The popular event was created by elementary education majors in the social studies methods course for elementary education taught by Dr. Jeanne Akin, professor of education and Mary A. White Chair of Education. The interactive museum is a biannual event, held in the fall and the spring. The students create a different themed event every semester.

The students selected four specific Olympic games, leading activities and teaching lessons surrounding those events. The highlighted games included the Berlin, Germany, Olympics of 1936; the London, England, Olympics of 1948; the Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Olympics of 1988; and the Beijing, China, Olympics of 2008. The education majors taught the students about the athletes competing in those games, historical events surrounding them, cultural and social details about the host cities and nations, and the worldwide impact some of the competing athletes made.

The students involved in creating this edition of the museum were Alli Hill, Audrey Rose, Ashley Rogers, Allison Scoggin, Lacey Herbert, Jayme Byasee, Elaina Nolan, Sally Berry, Emma Emory, Rachel Linton, Tasha Edge, Breann Greenhaw and Kayla Ham.