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Student Profile: Energy Management

If you’re in search of a business-focused master’s degree that can separate you from the competition, OBU’s Energy Management program is worth exploring. Energy Management doesn’t only focus on oil and gas, but encompasses resource management, energy efficiency, financial accountability, alternative energy sources and more.

Students are finding that this degree allows them to stand out among other graduates and job seekers in a competitive market. “I think more specialized education is imperative in the job market. You have to have that something to stand out,” says Trent Tipton, OBU student.

The Energy Management program can be completed in just two years, or a total of four semesters, even while working full time. OBU offers a completely online degree plan to help accommodate busy schedules.

Some career possibilities with Energy Management include electricity market senior analyst, energy and utilities manager, business development manager, engineering project director, sustainable energy analyst and more.

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Trent Tipton, OGE

Trent Tipton is a protection and control technician at OGE Energy Corporation, and a graduate student in the MBA program at OBU. He has worked at OGE for more than five years and is receiving support from his employer to further his education.

Tipton’s original position required an associate degree, so he began his journey into higher education at Bismarck State College, where he received his associate of arts and sciences in electrical power technology.

Although this fulfilled the schooling Tipton needed for the position, he didn’t stop there and earned his bachelor’s degree in energy management. Upon completion, he began to consider a master’s degree program at OBU. “I want my MBA to set myself apart from other candidates when I apply for senior positions,” says Tipton. “I also want to develop more leadership skills with this degree.”

While Tipton was interested in pursuing his MBA, he was on the fence about pursuing a degree specifically in Energy Management.  “I was worried whether OBU would discuss electricity enough in the program because it seemed to be heavy on oil and gas,” says Tipton.

An OBU Energy Management professor personally contacted Tipton and spoke with him to address his questions and concerns about the program. “The professor called and spoke with me for about an hour and a half. I’m sure he’s a busy guy so it meant a lot,” says Tipton. “I had tons of questions and he was more than happy to answer them all. He explained how this degree would be a great line of study and would be good to not limit myself solely to electric.”

Tipton is enjoying his experience at OBU and the personalized education he is receiving. He mentions how professors freely give out their cell phone numbers and that they make themselves available outside the classroom.

Not only are OBU professors excellent in terms of educating students, but they also provide support and genuinely care. It’s clear that Tipton values the relationships he has made with his professors.

“My professor has helped me quite a bit and is more than helpful when I have questions on homework,” says Tipton. “He also has military experience, like me, and we have bonded on a personal level.”

David Rosby, Halliburton

David Rosby works at Halliburton and enjoys the flexibility OBU provides through online classes. While some students enjoy more interaction with professors and classmates, Rosby is self-motivated and appreciates the flexibility online classes offer. With a demanding work schedule, online education works best for his situation.

“I didn’t want to go to a classroom because my schedule is so hectic,” says Rosby. “There aren’t many online programs that are 100 percent online, and OBU offers that at a reasonable price.”

Rosby has worked in the oil and gas industry for 10 years. Although he has concerns about the sector’s volatility, he believes his experience is valuable. He laughs, “Why not go further in the industry?” He believes furthering his education will continue to send him down the right path and provide job security in the future.

Whether your purpose for completing a master’s degree lies in learning new skills, securing a new job, or standing out among other candidates for a promotion, consider a degree in Energy Management. Contact us or apply today!