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Exploring MBA Specialties in OKC

November 4, 2016

Once you have decided to pursue your MBA, you’ll realize there can be so much more to an MBA program than just a general track. With specialties and areas of focus in project management, leadership, energy and international business, it may feel daunting to know which area to pursue.

While your current position may offer guidance, an MBA is also an opportunity to pursue other areas of growth. Do you work in the energy sector but are interested in transitioning to a new field? Now might be the time to consider a leadership specialty. Or perhaps you work in a local branch of an international company but are interested in relocating abroad. Have you considered an international business MBA?

Read on to learn more about your options.

MBA Specialties Offered at OBU

Project Management

A specialty in project management includes classes on project selection, initiation, planning, execution, control and more. Regardless of the industry, a project management MBA can apply to almost any career. The skills learned in this track will help you better manage a team and think strategically when working on projects. Careers within this specialty can include logistics specialists, business development managers, clinical program directors, management and IT consultants, project managers and more.


A leadership specialty is ideal for students who wish to pursue careers in upper management and life coaching. This specialty will help students hone in on leadership structures and relations, organizational behavior and the cultural aspects of the workplace. From personal development to employee motivation, a specialty in leadership will equip students with the skills they need to direct an organization, influence their workplace and pursue career goals.

International Business

If you enjoy exploring other cultures and diving into the intricate details of global trends in business, a specialty in international business can prepare you for careers working with global conglomerates, international trade and finance, international management and more. This specialty will train students on general international business topics as well as organizational management in cross-cultural companies. 

Energy Management

Through the highs and lows, the energy sector continues to be a massive contributor to our economy. This program is designed for those within the energy industry who want to grow in their organizational leadership strengths, study the global energy environment, and develop their financial analysis skills in the energy industry. Graduates from this program can pursue careers in management, energy analyst positions and other roles specific to the industry.

Immersion MBA

If you’d prefer to keep your options open, a general Master of Business Administration can provide the experience and education you need to push your career to the next step. This program will provide you with experience in every aspect of business. Career options after earning a general MBA can include, but are not limited to, roles in finance, management, data analytics, entrepreneurship or information system management.

How to Choose a Specialty

While there are universal skills and topics covered in any MBA, regardless of specialty, you may still be conflicted as to which specialty is the right choice for you. Consider the following when making your decisions:

If you’re interested in beginning your MBA journey, contact us today to learn more about earning your MBA from OBU.