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OBU Welcomes Henderson as Director of Student Success

October 14, 2016

OBU is pleased to welcome Kirt Henderson as director of student success. He assumed his duties effective Oct. 10. Henderson is an OBU alumnus and former assistant director of admissions.

The director of student success oversees the operation of the Milburn Student Success Center, including programs related to at-risk students, general academic support, student-athlete academic support, retention counseling and retention initiatives. The Milburn Student Success Center assists students of all majors, classifications and academic needs with comprehension of course material and development of study, research, analytical, reading, writing and critical thinking skills.

Henderson earned a Bachelor of Arts in religion from OBU. He then earned a Master of Business Administration from OBU as well.

Prior to returning to Bison Hill, he served as the associate director of admissions at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. He previously served at OBU as assistant director of admissions, senior admissions counselor, and admissions counselor.

Henderson says he was drawn back to OBU because of his fondness for the university. “My four years as a student were incredibly formative. I not only earned a degree, but truly experienced intellectual, social and spiritual transformation. While serving on the OBU admissions team, I came to appreciate the people and mission of the institution even more. I worked closely with Bruce Perkins and Carrie Myles while on the admissions team. I respect both of them greatly, and am excited to work with them once again. Ultimately, it is easy to work with purpose at such a special place.”

Henderson is excited to serve in the Milburn Student Success Center.

“I think one area of emphasis is to work with our student mentors and prepare them for success, not only in their work in the Student Success Center, but also for their entrance into professional life. In addition, to work closely with current students, faculty, and staff to be sure we are doing all we can to enhance academic services. I hope that all students, whether new or returning, will be aware of the Student Success Center and the many benefits of utilizing it,” he said.

He admires the current operation of the Student Success Center, and looks forward to strengthening the program. “I look forward to getting to know our student mentors and working together to determine ways we can further enhance our operations. I hope we will continue to find ways for more students to utilize the services offered. In addition, it's my desire to help faculty, staff, and student leaders more easily indicate current students who would benefit from the resources and services offered through the Student Success Center.”

He is also excited to foster relationships with not only incoming students, but current students as well. “Up to this point, my entire professional career had been spent working with prospective students. Relationships with prospective students and their families were often short-lived. After move-in day, new students had an abundance of departments and individuals who were there to help them succeed and address questions and concerns. I'm excited to join that work and help enhance the experience of current students at OBU.”

Henderson stays active by running, hiking, and playing racquetball and golf. He enjoys keeping up with the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Oklahoma Sooners. He also enjoys any time he can spend with his family and friends, and one of Henderson’s true joys in coming back to OBU is having the opportunity to regularly spend time with family and friends.