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Women of Vision Offer a Chance to Impact OBU Campus

September 19, 2016

Following up a successful inaugural year, Oklahoma Baptist University’s Women of Vision giving circle is working hard to continue impacting the campus.

Their mission is simple - to empower women through a collective and influential voice and enable them to make a significant financial contribution to the students, programs, faculty, staff and mission of Oklahoma Baptist University.

This year’s Annual Event will be September 29 at 11 a.m. The event is a time for members to come together and vote on their next project. Last year, members funded the installation of lights around campus to enhance student safety at night.

Gretchen Trimble, director of development at OBU and coordinator of Women of Vision, said the group has already donated well over $50,000 this year.

“This is a great group to get involved in and a great time to join,” Trimble said. “Each member has a voice in the group.”

To join, each member pledges to contribute $1,000 annually. Faculty, staff, spouse, current students and recent graduates are able to join for $500. So far, over 65 women have committed to the group.

Although the deadline to join Women of Vision is September 29, members have until December 31 to fulfill their gift, which may be made in payments.

“As we approach the Annual Event, our goal remains the same – to find women who have a heart for OBU, who desire to help fulfill the mission of the university, and who understand the biggest impact will come through giving together,” Trimble said. “What we were able to do in last year’s Women of Vision would take one person a lifetime to accomplish.”