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Filmmaker Stephen Kendrick to Speak at OBU Chapel Sept. 30

September 21, 2015

Stephen Kendrick, co-founder of Kendrick Brothers and point man for books and curriculum produced by the company, will address the OBU community Wednesday, Sept. 30 at 10 a.m.

Stephen and his brothers, Alex and Shannon, grew up in the community of Smyrna, Georgia, northwest of Atlanta. Sons of a minister and schoolteacher, the boys developed a love for creative arts and began shooting movies on Super 8 mm film. As their age progressed, so did their desire to capture exciting footage: dodging cars, detonating fireworks and high falls; only a few of the many subjects they filmed that left the boys with scrapes, bruises and a few minor injuries. Throughout their early adventures, the Kendrick boys were not only encouraged to pursue their film-making hobby, but to pursue a scripture based personal relationship with God.

As time went by, Alex and Stephen continued their love of media. They both graduated with degrees in communications from Kennesaw State University. Following their graduation, they attended seminary and were ordained as ministers. In 2001, Stephen joined Alex at Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia, where they continued to collaborate on videos for the church's ministry. A year later, after many months of prayer, the two brothers began production on a feature-length film, "Flywheel." The film debuted to a sold out theater in Albany.

The brothers continued to meet success, through prayer, hard work and volunteer work from the Sherwood community. Their second film, "Facing the Giants," met box office success when it earned $10.1 million in theaters and sold over 2.5 million DVD units. Their next films, "Firepoof" and "Courageous," were major breakthroughs for the brothers. With each film earning more than $30 million at the box office, the Kendrick's message of a commitment to marriage, family and God was reaching the masses. The Kendrick's fifth film, "War Room," opened in August and is currently playing in select theaters.

Stephen Kendrick has been a featured speaker at marriage, filmmaking and men's conferences across the U.S., including four national simulcasts. He has spoken at churches, universities and film festivals including Focus on the Family's Marriage Simulcast, the Fireproof Marriage Conference, LifeWay's Men of Honor National Simulcast, and Iron Sharpens Iron events, as well as corporate events for Chick-fil-A and W.C. Bradley. Kendrick graduated from Kennesaw State University and attended New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He serves on the board of the Fatherhood Commission, a network of like-minded organizations committed to the issue of strong fatherhood.

As an author, producer and speaker, Kendrick has seen firsthand that a person can influence a vast number of people. Therefore, he has dedicated his life to serving Jesus Christ through his movies, books, speaking and prayer. He takes the Kendrick Brothers' company goals to heart, "To honor Jesus Christ by making His truth and love known worldwide. To encourage, edify, and equip others in their spiritual journey. To strengthen relationships in marriage, parenting, friendship and beyond. To inspire faith, hope and love in others."

Kendrick and his wife, Jill, live in Albany, Georgia with their six children. For more information on the Kendricks, visit