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OBU Launches 'Women of Vision' Giving Circle

July 8, 2015

Women of Vision exists to encourage women to be philanthropic leaders and to maximize the impact of their giving. Through the giving circle, individual contributions are united and magnified through a collective voice supporting the university. Gifts collected from each member are pooled, and together, and the Circle members decide how the money should be directed on Bison Hill.

Gretchen Trimble, director of development with OBU's Cargill Alumni and Advancement Center, is leading the group. "Our desire for Women of Vision is to create a platform that will allow women to be more connected to and engaged with campus, offering a larger impact on the work of OBU and life on Bison Hill," she said. "This giving circle allows women to join together to meet needs, make a positive difference, and celebrate the joy of giving together. The impact we make by uniting is far greater than what we can do individually."

Membership is open to alumnae and friends who understand the potential women have in making a significant impact on OBU, her students, programs, faculty and staff. Each member contributes $1,000 annually. Current students and recent graduates from the past five years are eligible for membership at a reduced rate of $500.

The mission of Women of Vision is "to empower women through a collective and influential voice and enable them to make a significant financial contribution to the students, programs, faculty, staff, and mission of Oklahoma Baptist University."

Women of Vision exists to educate women about the exemplary diverse people, innovative programs and visionary progress at OBU; enhance programs at OBU through the women's knowledge, talents, skills and philanthropic ministries; engage alumnae, friends, and OBU community in enriching academic, social, and spiritual life on Bison Hill; equip women with resources, opportunities, and challenges that empower them professionally, personally, academically and spiritually; encourage women to be influential and distinguished philanthropic leaders at OBU; and to enjoy the power, impact and fulfillment of 'giving together' with unified purpose, direction and realization of goals.

Giving circles are a vital aspect of university communities, helping to sustain and build vital programs and initiatives around campus. Collectively, the circle reviews a selection of OBU projects that are in need of funds and each member votes for the project she deems most worthy.

Women of Vision will hold an event each September to review projects and vote on how to award the money. If attendance is not possible, votes may be cast by absentee ballot. Contributions must be received by Dec. 31, 2015.

"As we launch the group this year, our goal is to find women who have a heart for OBU, who desire to help fulfill the mission of the university, and who understand the biggest impact will come through giving together," Trimble said. "As a member, your voice matters. Your individual gift will be united with other members' gifts, and together, you will decide how the money should be directed. I am confident Women of Vision will serve as a wonderful platform for women to join together and have a more impacting voice and influential presence on Bison Hill."

Gifts may be made via cash, checks, credit card payments and securities, either as a one-time contribution or through a pledge made in payments. OBU faculty and staff members may use payroll deduction to fulfill their pledge. It is also possible to sponsor a membership to the circle for a current OBU student or recent graduate or to gift a circle membership to a family member or friend. Giving a membership is a great way to connect women with others who desire to support OBU's mission. Sponsorships and gifts may also be made in memory or honor of a friend or loved one.

For questions or more information, please contact Gretchen Trimble at 405.585.5426 or