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Paige Kannady to Debut Senior Art Show May 1

April 27, 2015

Most of her art will be graphic design work, but the exhibit will also include paintings, weaving, wire work and screen printing. Her show will focus around a black and white design scheme, which is a common element in her work.

"Skeletons have inspired some of my work and will also appear in my show," she said. "I like my work to be simple, clean and have a fairly neutral color scheme. What could be cleaner or more black and white than a skeleton? Skeletons can point a person's mind towards life or death. My goal through my art work and in life is to show that death is not dark. Life without Christ is dark, but those who choose to follow him no longer have to fear death. I hope that my design methods and subjects can be used to show others Christ's love."

Kannady said that Corey Fuller, assistant professor of graphic design at OBU, was a major source of inspiration for her artwork.

"Professor Corey Fuller has been a big influence on my work over the last few years while in his classes. He is very detail oriented and thinks about having a purpose for everything he does. This kind of attention to designing has encouraged me to look at my work in a similar way. He has fully encouraged and helped me find the direction I'm looking to go. He helped me become a designer with an identity."

Kannady said that her classes at OBU helped prepare her for real-life experiences in an art career.

"Our work has always been directed toward real situations in the graphic design world with appropriate time to produce the work."

Following graduation, Kannady, a student from Kingfisher, Oklahoma, plans to pursue a job in the Oklahoma City area as a graphic designer.

"I really want my work and career to be my mission for the Lord. Everyone is given different spiritual gifts, and though I may not be the kind of person that ends up traveling the world, I do know that I can give and I can work. These are two special things that I have learned from my parents, and I hope to carry that idea on."