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OBU Prepares for 'Spring Affair Live' April 18

April 16, 2015

Seniors Micah Keeney and Blair Rogers, the production's directors, selected the theme which will be present throughout the show. Decorations, skits, songs and more will reflect the theme of a late-night show.

"We decided on this theme because late-night shows are, in a way, talent shows," said Keeney. "Most of them have celebrity interviews, comedic sketches, house bands and popular guest bands. It just seemed to fit perfectly with what we envisioned the show to be. We hope that people will come into the auditorium and feel like they are on a live set like you would see for Saturday Night Live."

Keeney is a Bible major from Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and Rogers is a secondary English education major from Oologah, Oklahoma. Keeney and Rogers have a long history with CAB shows, both appearing in one their freshman year.

Those who have attended OBU's CAB shows will see some familiar sights, from skits and videos, to instrumentalists, vocalists, large bands and more. This year, CAB is looking to shake things up a bit.

"We're implementing several filmed skits and commercials, even a late night infomercial," said Rogers.

"We've changed some of the things around from our typical shows," Keeney said. "We are using a lot of media, and the stage band will be replaced with our own in-house band, 'The Beets'".

"The Beets are a lot like CAB's typical stage band," said Rogers. "This time, we wanted them to have a bigger identity in the show other than just playing transitional music between acts and sketches. In our show, they will be interacting with our emcees and the audience, much like you would see in a late-night television show."

"We've also made changes in regards to emcees, adding the new position of host," said Keeney. "This will help contribute to the late-night atmosphere we're trying to create."

Senior Matt Stephens will host "Spring Affair Live.". Five more emcees will join Stephens including seniors Hannah Johnson, Jordan Davis and Justin Doherty; junior student Jeanna Shea and sophomore Blake Randolph.

The evening's entertainment will feature seven musical acts. The acts will be split up throughout the show and complemented with skits written and performed by the emcees, giving numerous OBU students chances to display their talent, skill and creativity.

"We're going to showcase a slew of talents," said Rogers. "From musicians and actors to standup and multimedia - it's all there. In the end, our hope is that our spectators will truly feel like they are a part of a live studio audience. Micah and I are super excited for the show. We've put a lot of time and creative energy into making something that is relevant to our audience. We can't wait to see the final product (and get some sleep)."

The Campus Activities Board sponsors three major talent and variety shows each academic year: Biggie, Freshmen Follies and Spring Affair. Biggie is hosted near the beginning of the school year and is reserved for upperclassmen presenters. Follies showcases freshmen talent each fall and Spring Affair is open to all classifications. Acts and emcees must audition for each show and are selected by members of CAB.