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Madeline Smith Art Show to Debut April 24

April 17, 2015

Smith's presentation, titled, "Roam Around the World," will include pieces from places the artist has visited. Her work will remain on display until the exhibit closesThursday, April 30.

Her paintings and drawings on display draw particular inspiration from national parks.

"I was inspired to capture interesting aesthetics in nature," she said. "I have found these in abundance in national parks. My depictions of these landscapes also include tinges of surrealism."

She cited OBU Assistant Professor of Art Julie Blackstone and Chris Owens, adjunct professor of art, as her major influencers and supporters.

"They both understand me and are very attentive to my style and work ethic. They are excellent educators. They are also both people I admire personally in addition to being great professors."

Smith also noted famous surrealist artists Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte and their contemporaries as inspiration for her own art.

"My goals and plans regarding art are to make sure I continue to develop my skill throughout my life and learn as much as I possibly can about realism."