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Buchanan to Present Senior Art Exhibit April 18

April 10, 2015

The art exhibit will be free and open to the public until its closing Thursday, April 23.

The theme of Buchanan's show, "A Year of the Lord's Favor: an exploration of beauty in brokenness," is based on Isaiah 61.

"Over the past year my life has changed in many formative ways, which has challenged my beliefs, life directions and my dreams," Buchanan said. "As I have created art, I have been inspired by different truth that God has given me in His word. I truly love the gospel theme of beauty and redemption found in a broken creation that can mirror God's glory."

Buchanan's exhibit will feature an array of pieces on varying media including screen prints, photographs, paintings, ceramics, charcoal/chalk drawings and multimedia pieces.

While at OBU, some of Buchanan's largest influences came from her professors.

"Professors Blackstone, Fuller and Owens have all greatly influenced my creative processes and expanded my perception of possibilities with the art sphere. Each one has mentored me in their own specific ways leading me to continually pursue emulating my creator by producing work that dialogues with viewers across all spheres. Learning from my professors was one of the most important features in my academic career."

"OBU helped me learn how to continually develop my work and has helped me to seek counsel about the next steps entering the fine arts world through galleries, exhibits and networking. I have learned how to function with a soft heart and a thick skin. These will help me work in any setting, no matter where my life leads me."

Buchanan already has some goals set for her future with a degree in fine arts.

"I would love to attain a recognizable style and make regular appearances in galleries. I desire to empower others to explore their creative spirit and discuss deeper issues in our world and the eternal. Though I am not certain where I will be led in the future, I am passionate about working with unreached people groups. I plan on moving to Seattle in the fall to get my Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages certification. I'll continue to work on my art portfolio and begin to enter the arts community in the Northwest."