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'The Profs' Set to Perform Feb. 13

February 11, 2015

"I'm looking forward to your ordinary, run-of-the-mill, face-melting rock experience," Dr. D.H. Dilbeck, newest member of the band, said.

In response to rumored claims of Dilbeck's induction correlating to good looks, Dilbeck said "[It was] for the hair mostly … and David Lee Roth style walks."

Electric guitar player Dr. Brad Jett provided a glimpse of what attendees can expect to hear.

"We'll play a little Tom Petty, Bon Jovi … what will we not play, Canaan?" Jett said.

"No Whitney Houston," Dr. Canaan Crane, front man and guitarist, said. "There's a complete separate side-band project for that."

The practice stage is full of various instruments, amplifiers, mics and other equipment. Each professor plays their own tune as they wait for the annoying journalist to finish interviewing them, so they can start practice.

"Andrew Armond is the comedian in the band, no doubt," Jett said. "Ask him to tell you a joke."

"It's all situational comedy," Dr. Andrew Armond, keyboard player, said.

"That's a cop-out answer," Dilbeck said.

"I'm not your trained monkey, Dr. Jett," Armond said.

"Are you listening to this? It's pretty dang funny," Jett said. "You should watch him just sit down at the keyboard and just take off sometime. Hey (to Armond), play that 'Friends are Friends Forever' song - that's pretty dang funny."

When asked what he hopes students take away from the concert, Dr. John McWilliams, bassist, said, "No comment. I'm just glad to be out of the home. The fellas found me on the porch of my home and decided to give me a job, so I just appreciate that."

Lush keyboard music from the video game Zelda began to fill the area. Drummer Corey Fuller started to join in with a beat, but was interrupted with a question.

Fuller said his favorite thing about playing in The Profs is the camaraderie.

"We dedicate our performance to our wives," Fuller said. "We all have our own styles; our own genres we prefer - but, we're going back to our classic rock roots on this one."

"Our goal is for the students to have fun," Crane said. "My hope is that everyone sings along and plays air guitar. I definitely don't want anyone to feel sad for us at the end of the night. So, hopefully we'll avoid any pity applause and people will stick around for the encore."

With the concert being a day before Valentine's Day, Crane said there will be accommodation for couples.

"We will have a love section. So, it will be like you are back in high school with the full-on awkwardness of high school dances."

Armond said the Zelda theme song will probably not be in the mix, but added, "I bet we'll have some surprises."

Don't miss the six-professor band, The Profs', performance of over 20 songs Feb. 13.