Ellis Senior Art Show Opens March 28

March 27, 2015

The art exhibit will be free and open to the public until its closing on Thursday, April 3.

The display will mainly feature pieces of graphic design, but will also include more of Ellis' work. Paintings, drawings, ceramics, fibers, and stained glass will supplement her exhibit.

"I don't actually have a theme for the exhibit," Ellis said, "My style seems to change day by day, so I decided to leave it without a theme."

When asked about where she finds motivation for her art, Ellis acknowledged her father's role in her development.

"If I could point at anyone that inspired my artwork it would be my father. He always pushes me to do better and create better things. During projects, I will send him pictures and ask his advice. If something looks horrible, he will let me know, but he will also point me in another direction so that my creative spark is reignited. So, while my style is random, the one thing that is in all of my work is my father."

Following graduation, Ellis plans to become a freelance graphic designer.