OBU Seeking High School and Middle School Applicants for STEM Camp

February 4, 2014

Kyle Luckens (left), Austin Germiller and Nick Sitter constructed a model of the Golden Gate Bridge during OBU's STEM Summer Institute last summer.

At the camp, students will learn about various career paths in STEM areas, experience creative educational techniques, and be introduced to "learning via discovery" while studying modules in physics, electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, and math. Students will also learn about robotics, engineering, and computer programming, while developing leadership skills and learning the value of teamwork. The experience is designed to educate while also increasing college-readiness. "We designed the curriculum for the Summer Institute where students could learn through play," Murimi said.

Current high school and middle school students in Pottawatomie County may apply. Applications are available at the Summer Institute website. Applicants must send their completed paperwork along with payment of $110 made payable to Oklahoma Baptist University, mailed to Dr. Renita Murimi, OBU Box 61737, Shawnee, OK 74804. Checks will be returned to any applicants who are not accepted into the program. For more information on the OBU STEM Summer Institute 2014, contact Murimi at renita.murimi@okbu.edu.