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'OBUmobile' App Available to Public

January 17, 2014

The mobile app includes a campus map with building hours, upcoming campus and athletic events, the latest news and sports scores, Banner Web Access, among other features.

"OBU is well aware of the fact that we have become a 'mobile society' and this certainly is reflected in the lives and culture of our students," Gary Nickerson, assistant vice president for business affairs and information systems and services, said. "With this in mind, it became obvious that we needed to begin looking into the ability to deliver important information and access it in a mobile format."

The application also includes other practical functions such as a "Get Help" button to easily access emergency contact information, as well as easy access to the university's social media and recent photos.

Damon Seymour, OBU Web developer and designer, worked on the design and visual development of the application. Responsible for OBU's website skin redesign a year prior, Seymour designed for consistency between the two mediums.

"I wanted the app to fit in with the visual direction we were going with the website ­- we used similar colors: green and charcoal with splashes of gold, the oversized spire, and the same style of iconography," said Seymour.

Both Seymour and Nickerson said they were pleased with DubLabs' development model.

"Damon was an invaluable member of the development team," said Nickerson. "His knowledge and skill set has made the app very 'classy.' I love his graphic and color scheme for the app."

Currently, OBUmobile is available on all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Android based phones. According to Nickerson, the Android tablet version should be available soon, and the Windows 8 version will follow shortly after that. The app is available through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.