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Textbook Butler' Program to Serve OBU Students

June 18, 2013

"Textbook Butler will allow those who opt in to the program the service of having their textbooks delivered to their dorm or apartment before classes start, so when they move in their books are on their bed waiting for them," said Brandon Skaggs, dean of students at OBU. "Students benefit by no longer having to wait in long lines at the bookstore to buy books, and faculty benefit because their students will have their textbooks on the first day of class."

In addition to the convenience Textbook Butler offers, Tree of Life Bookstores report their rental prices typically result in a savings of 45-90 percent less than retail. The store's textbook prices are based on the national online marketplace and positioned to be very competitive, said Penny Klimas, manager of the OBU Bookstore.

Through Textbook Butler, "students can choose to rent or purchase their textbooks, and they will be charged to their student account and delivered to their dorm room or on-campus apartment," Klimas said. "Off-campus students can pick up their books in the bookstore. No lines, no rain checks, and they will have all their books on the first day of class."

The program allows students the option up-front to rent or to purchase new or used books from

Textbook Butler. If students choose to rent, they will have the opportunity to purchase the books at the end of each semester. Students will be quoted a buyout price (retail minus rental fees) when they receive the rentals. In the case the preferred option is not available, the program defaults to the lowest-priced alternative.

If students drop a class, they simply need to return the book to the bookstore. If they add a class, the new book(s) automatically will be shipped to them through campus mail. Students return the books to the bookstore on campus during finals week -- after studying for final exams.

OBU students can sign up for the Textbook Butler program in the OBU Bookstore, or out-of-town students may request sign-up information from Klimas at (405) 878-2411.

Additional questions can be directed to the Tree of Life customer service hotline at (888) 392-2930, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST, or the Tree of Life Bookstores website.