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Prewitt to Present Senior Art Show

May 1, 2013

A reception honoring Prewitt and her work will serve as the opening ceremony for the exhibit. The public is invited to attend the free event. Prewitt's work will remain on display until the exhibit closes on Thursday, May 9.

Prewitt said her show spotlights elements of design, such as packages, posters and logos, but will be supplemented by fine art pieces, including photography, ceramics, drawings and paintings.

"Most of us have something that makes us a little nerdy," Prewitt said. "I find myself to be nerdy in both life and design. I enjoy the technical side of art just as much as the creative side. Doing the math, following grids, and the science of mixing colors and materials fascinates me."

"I am a 'design nerd,'" she said, thus her show's title: DESIGNERD.

Prewitt said she finds her inspiration for art in people around her, in her life experiences and in her surroundings.

"God is the ultimate artist, and His creation inspires me every day," she said.

Prewitt also recognized the role that OBU has played in her transformation and development as an artist.

"I did not take any art classes in high school, so my art experience began here at OBU," Prewitt said. "The professors here taught me the design and art 'rules' and also how to break them. I have learned to think outside the box and to work on a tight schedule under pressure. The variety of knowledge I have gained at OBU has prepared me for potential careers in many different avenues of the art field."

Following graduation, Prewitt plans to continue working in design, and she hopes to one day open her own photography and design studio.