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Lynch to Present 'Retro' Senior Art Show

April 3, 2013

The art show opening will include a reception, and the public is invited to attend the free exhibit. Lynch's show, titled "Illustrated," also will be on display for the week following the opening.

The display, which features sculpture, paintings, digital illustrations, stained glass and more, will draw heavily from Lynch's love of illustrations and her fondness of retro-style art. Lynch said she was influenced by cartoons such as "The Iron Giant," as well as illustrations and posters from the mid-20th century.

"I love drawing illustrations, and I am currently working on a children's e-book with a professor," said Lynch.

Following graduation, Lynch hopes to someday become a full-time designer or illustrator for television and entertainment. She said she also would enjoy working for a magazine or video game company, with a particular interest in designing for independent video game developers.

However, Lynch has a particular goal in mind: "One day I'd like to create and publish my own graphic novel," she said, referring to a type of book made up of comics content. "It would be my ultimate accomplishment."

Lynch said she has trouble identifying a single source of inspiration for her art, but she credits all the artists in the OBU Art Department with leaving a mark on her life. In a world filled with artists and media, Lynch said she seeks to create art with a distinction which sets her apart from others.

"Going to OBU helped me to figure myself out and to develop a style unique to me," she said. "It's hard, but I try to be creative and invent fresh new ideas."