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Area Students Win Piano Competition

November 5, 2012

Winners were announced by Conchita Hansford, OBU Music Preparatory director and coordinator of the event. They include:

Third- and Fourth-Grade Division: Brennan Golden, son of Nathan and April Golden. First alternate is Ethan Keller, son of Tom and Patti Keller.

Tommy Keller Caleb Richards

Fifth- and Sixth-Grade Division: Tommy Keller, son of Tom and Patti Keller. First alternate is Abigail Lilite, daughter of Louima and Dephanie Lilite. Honorable mention is Emily Brown.

Seventh- and Eighth-Grade Division: Caleb Richards, son of Jeff and Cheri Richards. First alternate is Evie Griffin, daughter of Dale and Donna Griffin. Honorable mention is Emma Sampson, daughter of Jay and Amy Sampson.

Brennan Golden is from the studio of Bonita Blackburn. Caleb Richards is from the studio of Conchita Hansford. Abigail Lilite studies piano with Dephanie Lilite. Kaye Shields' students include Tommy Keller, Ethan Keller, Emily Brown and Emma Sampson. Evie Griffin studies piano with Jeannie Tyler.

Amy Seibert served as adjudicator for the auditions. Seibert earned her master's degree in piano pedagogy from the University of Oklahoma. Previously, she studied at Butler University in Indianapolis. Seibert has served on the faculty of Southwestern Illinois College and Wayne State College in Wayne, Neb. She currently teaches for the Preparatory Department at OBU while also teaching in Norman.