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Miller Named President-Elect of Guidance Network

May 3, 2012

The Career Guidance Network of Oklahoma is an organization formed in the early 1990s to provide annual training and staff development in computerized career guidance software for higher education institutions across the state. It also provided a centralized purchasing entity for these programs.

"Over the years, the organization has become more about providing professional development in the area of career development theory and guidance, while still providing some training, and discounts, for a few career assessment programs," Miller said.

As president-elect, Miller will assist the network's president in planning bi-annual conferences and help lead in efforts to increase membership and organizational involvement. Miller also will chair the Training Advisory Committee, which is responsible for any meetings or trainings the network provides.

Miller said being involved in the network helps her remain current on the latest resources available in career development and assessment.

"Our conferences usually feature leading experts in the field, therefore providing unique learning opportunities," she said. "The university's membership in the organization provides an economical way to deliver career assessment resources to our students."