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Scattergood Presents 'On a Whim' Art Show

April 5, 2012

As a result, most of her work is organic in nature. Her senior art show, "On a Whim," illustrates the whimsical aspect of her work, but also her view of the design process: "taking that first thought farther down the line of thought to a bigger, better solution," she said.

Scattergood's show opens Thursday, April 5, at 5 p.m. in the gallery of the Art Department building. Her artwork will remain on display until April 10.

The education Scattergood has received at OBU has opened her eyes to "the wonders God has presented all around us," she said. She said her classes have given her valuable skills that will serve her well in the graphic design field, including knowledge in Photoshop, drawing, painting and analytical skills. She accredited much of her artistic success to Corey Fuller, assistant professor of graphic design, and Chris Owens, adjunct professor of art.

"Professor Fuller has very much influenced me," Scattergood said. "Not only has he opened my eyes to the design that surrounds us all and its effect on our daily decision, but he has also challenged me to grow creatively. He does this through the design challenges he presents.

"Professor Owens also has inspired me to think not only outside the box, but beyond it entirely," she continued. "His classes allow for the artist to grow creatively in directions they never thought possible before."

Scattergood also attributed her success to her family, who she said are her "biggest encouragement and support." She called them her biggest fans and said they are the first people she turns to for "honest opinions" and "reliable suggestions."

Although she found it difficult to choose a favorite piece after spending time and effort on each one, Scattergood made special mention of "Now We Are Free," which she said was an attempt to "present a piece of music in visual form." She said she was inspired by the song "Now We Are Free" from the film "Gladiator." Scattergood also referenced her Read series, a series made of posters attempting to inspire children to read more.

A graphic design major, Scattergood graduated from high school in Chandler, Okla., but her family currently resides in Surprise, Ariz. She said her desire is to work in the design field, particularly with 2D media such as posters and logos, but she also expressed openness to the opportunities God presents her.