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Professor's 'Daily Artifact' Show to Benefit Mission Shawnee

April 23, 2012

Fuller will showcase the result of his personal challenge in an art show titled "The Daily Artifact" on Thursday, April 26, in Sarkey's Black Box Theatre on the OBU campus. Live music will be provided by Lucas Simmons & Co. and refreshments will be served.

While admission to the art experience is free, all donations will support the summer lunch program provided by Mission Shawnee for local children.

"The Daily Artifact" poster exhibit will showcase the good, the bad, and the ugly resulting from Fuller's daily exercise. All 366 pieces have been formatted to 11-inch by 17-inch posters composing a 90-foot wall of visual artifacts.

Fuller, who serves as assistant professor of graphic design at OBU, said there is a reason why his show is called a collection of "artifacts" rather than "works of art."

"The task of creating art is weighty, because art is a verdict," he said. "Not everything I do constitutes art, but anything human-made qualifies as an artifact -- including print ephemera or napkin doodles. However, it's important to note that sometimes artifacts become art."

For Fuller, the experience has provided a creative liberation.

"This project has allowed me to purge certain lingering ideas from my system and, through that displacement, new ideas have come to the surface," Fuller said. "Also, because of the ominous daily deadline, I've been forced to be less obsessive about the work -- focusing on ideas and form, rather than tweaking pixels to death."

"The Daily Artifact" also will be showing in NYC at Space 38|39 in late May.

For more information about Fuller's personal artwork, click here.