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Faught to Display 'Uncharted' Artwork

April 10, 2012

A senior at OBU, Faught will share her life-inspired artwork through her art show, titled "Uncharted," which opens on April 14 immediately following Spring Affair, OBU's spring semester variety show. Her show will be on display in the art building gallery until April 19.

Faught said she chose the theme "Uncharted" based on her realization of and thankfulness for the unpredictability of life. She said she is grateful her art stays fresh and new instead of becoming stagnant in old patterns. Her "ever-changing" work, she said, is a remarkable expression of the changes taking place every day in the world around her.

"'Uncharted'" encompasses that feeling of the unexpected and exciting that has helped me so much through my creative journey," Faught said.

A graphic design major from Edmond, Okla., Faught said her motivation for creating comes from everything around her including her peers, professors, experiences and simple observations of everyday life.

"I love the feeling of being able to use something most people might view as ordinary and turning it into something different and interesting," she said. "The opportunity of having a blank canvas and knowing I can turn it into anything I can create in my mind is exciting."

Of all the mediums Faught has worked with, she said her favorite piece in her show is one of her pottery pieces. Although she felt out of her comfort zone at first while working with the medium, she said she had a fun experience learning to throw on the pottery wheel.

Faught commended the professors at OBU for preparing her for her future, noting her appreciation for the well-rounded education she has received. She expressed thanks for their multiple viewpoints, their willingness to be open-minded and that professors have the students' best interests at heart. Faught said she feels she is able to relate with many different people and situations outside of OBU as a result of her experiences on Bison Hill.

She specifically acknowledged Corey Fuller, assistant professor of graphic design, for his appreciation of each student's unique style, as well as the interest he expresses in the lives of students in addition to their coursework.

"No professor has been more helpful or challenged me more than Mr. Fuller," Faught said. "He has taught me everything I know about graphic design and has encouraged me to push the limits of my creativity."

Faught said her parents also have been an immense source of encouragement in her artistic growth by supporting her love of art.

As a result of the versatility of graphic design and Faught's interest in many creative directions, she has several desires for her future following graduation. She said she would love to work for a magazine or advertising company, but she plans on doing freelance design as well. She said she has the dream to start her own business featuring custom design wedding invitations, birth announcements and other cards.