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Kubicek Releases 'Leadership is Dead'

June 24, 2011

Already a national best-seller, "Leadership is Dead" explains how to become truly influential by overcoming the desire for self-preservation, a tendency that sabotages many leaders today. The book also describes how a leader can equip, inspire and lead teams in a way that can change the world.

"I believe we have a leadership issue in America," said Kubicek, president and CEO of GiANT Impact in Atlanta, Ga. "Leadership is either dead or alive in each one of us, dependent on our intent. If we are using leadership to gain status, wealth or possession, it is dead. If, on the other hand, we are leveraging leadership to influence others for their best interest, it is alive."

A native of Shawnee, Okla., Kubicek graduated from OBU in 1993. While on Bison Hill, he studied business under the leadership of Dr. John Cragin, former professor of business. Kubicek also became a founding member of OBU's Global Options team, with the two-year experience launching his professional career. He formed a consulting group that specializes in accounting, training and marketing for American and international firms already in operation.

His work also led to the development of Moscow Economic School, the first private economic school in Russia. Kubicek's company worked with Fortune 500 firms and other international businesses as well. In 1995, Jeremie and his wife, the former Kelly Gobin, a 1991 OBU graduate, moved to Oklahoma City.

"My career started by developing an OBU program/company called Global Options in Moscow, Russia in 1993 with a team of OBU graduates," Kubicek said. "We witnessed firsthand the overpowering leadership style of the former Soviet Union. Since that time I have been serving leaders around the world through our company, GiANT, to transform the leadership style of our world from a dominating style to a liberating standard. 'Leadership is Dead' is simply the 'how to' for learning to influence others positively."

In 2002, Kubicek helped found Giant Partners, a consulting firm designed to assist clients in improving their businesses by using biblical examples and principles. In 2007, Giant Partners became GiANT Impact after acquiring John Maxwell's Maximum Impact and INJOY companies. GiANT Impact has organized conferences around the world, using events such as the Chick-fil-A Leadercast and Catalyst to change the way leadership occurs.

Kubicek's experiences of watching leaders and impacting leadership around the globe provide a strong foundation for the truths he shares in his book.

"'Leadership is Dead' is a very encouraging book, though it has some definite challenge to it," he said. "I learned many great foundations at OBU with some key stories of Russia that were a continuation of my involvement with the school."

For more information about the book, and for free resources related to leadership, click here. "Leadership is Dead" may be purchased via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Books-a-Million, 800CEORead or any other retailer.

To read more about Kubicek's perspectives on life and leadership, visit his blog.