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Alum Publishes Christian Finance Book

February 28, 2011

Sappington's book is unique because it takes a spiritual, "outside-the-box, inside-the-Kingdom" approach to personal finances, he said.

The book focuses on the connection between today's financial challenges and the solutions provided in biblical Scripture. The daily lessons involve a few action points and a Bible verse that can be reflected on throughout the day.

"Today's WORD on Money" gives real-world examples of how Scripture has been used to accomplish a variety of solutions. For example, Sappington explains why many investors should only maximize retirement account contributions if they are absolutely certain that they will be in a lower tax bracket when they retire. He then explains retirement account alternatives.

"Through daily instruction, Scripture reading, meditation, and paradigm shifters, 'Today's WORD on Money' is a much needed resource for understanding our financial obligations and stewardship," said OBU President David W. Whitlock. "Integrating faith with personal financial planning, Steve Sappington writes with refreshing candor, presenting otherwise complex issues clearly and practically. I encourage you to learn what the Word says about money and follow the advice in this valuable book."

Sappington graduated from OBU in 1973. He earned his master's degree in education from Southwestern Oklahoma State University. He has worked as a teacher and financial advisor. In 2003, he co-founded Trinity Wealth Management, which has since become TWM Group, LLC.

Sappington began investing in the 1970s while he worked on his family's wheat farm in Oklahoma. He said he enjoys using his wide range of interests and life experiences to help clients address financial concerns and life problems. He is a member of Gideons International and Wings for Christ, a group of Christian pilots and flying enthusiasts.

"Today's WORD on Money" is available in hardback or paperback from and Barnes & Noble online or in stores. It is also available in eBook format from Friesen Press.

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