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Seven Ways to Assure There’s Always Something There to Remind Me

June 29, 2010

For those of us who remember the "old" rock music, could any of us forget this classic statement of melody and lyrics which spoke of the sadness of a lost sweetheart? For you "rock fans" of the 1960s, Dionne Warwick recorded Always Something There To Remind Me, written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, as the "B" side of a single in 1968. (The "A" side was Who is going to love me.) That same year she released Do You Know the Way to San Jose. In the same way that those tunes have become signature songs for her, a Charitable Gift Annuity will produce that same effect on you - and in the future, for students at OBU -- because it will produce events which are "always there to remind" you about what you have done. Let me list the ways that "there's always something there to remind us ..."

1.The annuity payments come to you each month (quarterly, semi-annually or yearly - your choice) unaffected by the ups and downs of the economy. Each time it's due -- it comes faithfully, there to remind you.

2.The payment rates are attractive -- especially for donors who were too old to enjoy Dionne Warwick - and the rate will remind you.

3.The payments last a lifetime, no matter how long you live, no matter where you live - and each day, month, year they will remind you.

4.For many years a significant part of the payments you receive are tax free (the tax-free part will be that way until you reach the life expectancy you had when you "signed up" (and for you who appreciate finances, because of the improved rate of return a tax deduction will give, it will remind you).

5.You receive an income tax deduction at the time you acquire the annuity. If your estate is large enough to have estate tax issues, this annuity will be removed from your estate for tax purposes - and it will remind your family.

6.Your gift annuity will provide you with the immense satisfaction of knowing that when you no longer need it, it will also remind Christian students that they are receiving a Christian-based education until Jesus comes back because of you and those like you.

7.Your gift annuity will be a witness to your family, friends and the world about what you believe is important. It will remind them.

To learn how you can have these seven reasons to be reminded of the work of God's Kingdom which is going on at OBU, contact John Little. He can be reached by telephone at 405.878.2718 or 405.760.8455; by e-mail at; or by "snail mail" at Oklahoma Baptist University, Attention: John Little, 500 West University, Shawnee, OK 74804.