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Faculty, Staff Honored for 825 Years of Service

April 13, 2010

Recognizing a combined 825 years of service to the institution during its first 100 years, Oklahoma Baptist University honored 50 faculty and staff members during the university's annual Service Awards Banquet April 8.

Peggy Askins, director of academic records/registrar, was honored for 50 years of service at the University as she prepares to retire at the end of the 2009-10 academic year. Also honored were retirees Diane Shank, catalog librarian, for 40 years of service; Dr. Carol Bell, associate professor of piano, for 20 years of service; and Dr. Jim Hansford, Burton Patterson professor of music and director of bands, also for 20 years of service.

Those honored for 30 years at the University included Dr. Deborah Blue, senior vice president for academic services; Dr. Roger Flint, associate professor of accounting; and Steven Hicks, professor of art.

Those honored included (first row, from left): Sylvia Winterowd, Nola Dobyns, Dr. Carol Humphrey, Dr. Lucrecia Litherland, Diane Shank, Peggy Askins, Dr. Carol Bell, Dr. Debbie Blue, Monica Mullins, Tanya Ritchie, Conchita Hansford and Dr. Eileen Hargrove (second row, from left): Thresa Swadley, Deborah O'Gwynn, Deborah Brittain, Valerie Fowler, Janet Burns, Holly Easttom, Tina Nickerson, Cindy Hicks, William Maddux and Dr. Kaylene Barbe (third row, from left): Lori Hagans, Carrie Myles, Christina Perry, Steve Hicks, Dr. Bob Dawson, Dr. Roger Flint, Dr. Michael Jordan, Dr. Lee Goen, Dr. John McWilliams, Dr. Roger Hadley and Bill Pope (fourth row, front left): Dr. Tony Litherland, Dr. Randy Ridenour, Randy Smith, Dr. John Mullen, Dr. Lee Hinson, Dr. Craig Walker, Dr. Jim Vernon, Dr. Nathan Malmberg, John McCullough, Dr. Benjamin Myers (Not pictured): Dr. David DeSeguirant, Doug Tolin, Gary Bohannon, Laura Byland, Vernell Ward, Dr. Jim Hansford and Dr. Linda McElroy.

Five individuals were honored for a quarter-century of service, including Dr. Bob Dawson, WMU professor of missions/professor of applied ministry; Dr. Roger Hadley, communication arts division chair/Frank W. and Pauline G.Patterson professor of journalism; Cynthia Hicks, supervisor of media services; Dr. Carol Humphrey, professor of history; and Sylvia Winterowd, director of advancement services.

In addition to Bell and Hansford, those honored for 20 years of service were Dr. Kaylene Barbe, professor of communications studies; Dr. Jerry Lee Goen, Paul Dickinson associate professor of business; Conchita Hansford, director of Preparatory Department/assistant professor of music; Dr. Eileen Hargrove, professor of mathematics; Dr. Tony Litherland, professor of political science; Dr. Lucrecia Litherland, professor of language; Dr. Linda McElroy, professor of kinesiology and leisure studies/cheerleading coach; Monica Mullins, director of Student Success; William Pope, staff photographer; and Dr. James Vernon, associate professor of music.

Eight individuals were recognized for 15 years of service, including Gary Bohannon, carpenter supervisor; Deborah Brittain, secretary, student services; Dr. Laura Byland, associate professor/director of theatre; Nola Dobyns, secretary, development; Tina Nickerson, secretary to the dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Deborah O'Gwynn, minerals manager, accountant; Randy Smith, executive vice president for business and administrative services; and Vernell Ward, serials/government documents librarian.

Twelve people were honored for a decade of service at OBU, including Janet Burns, secretary to the dean, School of Christian Service; Valerie Fowler, switchboard supervisor; Lori Hagans, executive director, OBU Alumni Association; Dr. Michael Jordan, associate professor of chemistry; William Maddux, safety sergeant, University Police Department; John McCullough, assistant professor of kinesiology and leisure studies/women's basketball coach; Dr. John McWilliams, associate professor of natural science; Carrie Myles, associate director of admissions; Dr. Randall Ridenour, associate professor of philosophy; Tanya Ritchie, secretary, campus ministry; Doug Tolin, assistant professor of kinesiology and leisure studies/men's basketball coach; Dr. Craig Walker, Wheeler professor of economics.

Those honored for five years of service included Dr. David DeSeguirant, associate professor of music/director of choral activities; Holly Easttom, assistant professor of journalism; Dr. Gene Lee Hinson, associate professor of church music/coordinator, Church Music Department; Dr. Nathan Malmberg, assistant professor of chemistry; Dr. John Mullen, assistant professor of philosophy; Dr. Benjamin Myers, associate professor of English; Christina Perry, testing coordinator; and Thresa Swadley, secretary to the dean, College of Fine Arts.