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Alum Amanda Ingram Named Teacher of the Year

November 16, 2009

Teachers receive the honor after being nominated by colleagues and the submission of an application. Fellow teachers then cast their ballots, and the majority vote wins.

Ingram graduated from OBU with a degree in secondary mathematics education, and began her fifth year of teaching this academic calendar. Her area of concentration at Grapevine High School is ninth grade Algebra I, but she also instructs courses in Algebra I ESL (English as a Second Language), Algebra I Pre-AP (advanced placement) and Algebra III.

"Taking up to 45 hours of upper level mathematics classes more than prepared me for the content side of my job," Ingram said of her OBU experience. "The division of education taught me the relational side of my job and what to realistically expect in the everyday classroom."

The student teaching Ingram participated in while at OBU helped her gain insight into how she wanted to actively engage her students. Ingram uses a variety of techniques ranging from sing-a-longs, hand motions, online resources and group work to challenge her students to reach their potential in the classroom.

"My students work very hard for me, but I am able to get that response because they recognize how hard I work for them," Ingram said. "I do my absolute best to incorporate and teach relevant lessons because math is everywhere."

Each year to help her students learn concepts of exponents, Ingram hosts "Sing with Ing," in which the students sing songs that make it easier for them to learn the material.

"Former students still come to my room year after year asking if I still do the sing-a-long and tell me that my songs helped them with their geometry and Algebra III courses," Ingram said. "Teaching is my mission, and my mission field, and OBU had a huge part in preparing me for that."