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Senior Uses Life's Struggles as Inspiration for Art

April 22, 2009

Chris Cochran, an Oklahoma Baptist University senior art major, incorporates his experiences into artwork to tell a story. The 24-year-old artist from Oklahoma City will showcase his work in the on-campus Art Division Gallery April 30-May 11.

OBU is hosting a series of senior art shows throughout the spring semester depicting each artist's favorite pieces in accordance with their chosen theme. Cochran's theme is "I'm Still Alive." Through his art, Cochran said he tries to connect with people who are unsure about what the future has for them and are questioning the next step of life.

"From my own experiences, I know that those kinds of doubts can literally 'kill' something inside of us, kill some desire to push on or pursue or love other people more than you," Cochran said. "'I'm Still Alive' is, in a way, my struggle to survive that period of unrest in my life, to still search for the beautiful that I'm capable of, and I know that we are all capable of."

Cochran said he tries to relate his pieces to the real struggles of day-to-day life. He finds inspiration for his work in different places and people - even himself.

"I have recently started to explore ways of putting myself into the work, especially in a way I can relate to other people," Cochran said.

The centerpiece of Cochran's display also is entitled "I'm Still Alive." Through this piece, he seeks to capture viewers' hearts.

"The picture is of a girl grasping her heart in a way that suggests it somehow stopped beating for a bit and just started again," Cochran said. "It's an attempt to show how vulnerable we can become or feel when we just don't know something that we really wish we knew."