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Hall Speaks to OBU Students on God’s Immutability

October 16, 2008

During chapel, many OBU students heard Dr. Louima Lilite, new assistant professor of music, perform for the first time. Lilite led worship and also performed the song, "Your Grace Still Amazes Me," with junior Zach Coffey and freshman Jon Livingston.

Hall, OBU's Hollums Chair of Bible and professor of religion, built his message on the theme of this year's chapel series, "The Knowledge of the Holy," based on the book by A.W. Tozer. This week's lesson was in the immutability of God. Hall quoted scripture from 1 Samuel 15:29 saying, "And he who is the Glory of Israel will not lie, nor will he change his mind, for he is not human that he should change his mind!"

In his book, Tozer writes, "God cannot change for the better. Since He is perfectly holy, He has never been less holy than He is now and can never be holier than He is and has always been."

When encouraging students to continually pursue God, Hall referred to Israel.

"The times, they were a-changin'," Hall said. "Their [Israel's] complacency and self-assurance kept the people hell-bent on self destruction, but God stood ready to offer them change, a real change, a change they could believe in.

"You and I this morning live in times that seem to call for change, and things can change, things must change, things will change," Hall said. "The God of Israel and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ stands ready now and forever in the constancy and immutability of God's forgiving, love-torn heart to set us on the right path, to put us on the road to peace."